My Mothers Indoor GardensWhat activity could be more synonymous with older ladies than gardening? Sure, sure, I know plenty of men who enjoy turning seeds and dirt into something beautiful too. Don’t get me wrong here. It’s just that recently I helped my mother set up an indoor garden at my parents’ home, so I’ve kind of been stuck on the topic for a time now. I know it’s not what I usually talk about, but hey, variety is the spice of life, or something like that. Now, naturally, since the garden was indoors, there was a need to find lights to help the plants grow – they just wouldn’t get enough sun through windows during the day.

One visit to our local hardware store revealed I had many options to choose from, certainly more than I initially believed. I could have used globe lights, or lights that were like traditional bulbs, or rows, or columns, or suspended bulbs without fixtures, or a number of other setups. What I decided on in the end was LED grow lights. They were small and easy to move around, but self-contained and a lot safer to use than some of the other lights I saw at the shop. They were also a lot cheaper than some of the other setups I found, and I’ll admit that had plenty to do with my choice.

Indoor GardensI’m always looking for the technology which will perform a given task in the most efficient manner as well. LED grow lights just do it for me. I could go on for a couple hours about why they’re better than the other lights I saw, but why do that when I can just show you and let you see for yourself? If you check out you’ll be able to see a wide variety of different LED grow lights, along with product specifications and reviews. It doesn’t really provide information about other light sources, but that’s what I’m here for.

Using incandescent bulbs seemed like a good place to start, at least at first. They were cheap, easy to find, easy to use and perhaps most importantly, my mother was already used to using that type of bulb. However, none of the incandescent grow lights I saw at the shop came with enough strength for the indoor garden I was planning. This is actually kind of interesting since the sunlight which reaches the Earth has a strength of about 1,360 watts, which is quite a bit more than you’ll get from a standard 60 watt light bulb.

Rather than buying about 25 bulbs and finding some crazy way to make them all shine at the indoor garden, I opted to go with the LED lights which were far simpler to install and stronger besides. With a few of those bars plastered right next to each other I’m able to create an amount of light with enough wattage to effectively mimic natural sunlight. If she only uses the artificial lighting once the sun goes down, it won’t really cost much to run either.

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How to Create Captivating Video SeriesCreating a video series is a pat full of hardships and constant knowledge seeking. It is a combination of luck and skill but if you can capture the attention of a steady audience, having a series on YouTube can pay off. How do you do it?

Find Your Niche

The first thing you have to do is figure out the niche, an area in which you excel. Are you a “how-to” kind of person that likes to explain things in a DIY sort of way? Then you might start your own series about whatever skill you’re good at. The video series doesn’t have to be do-it-yourself; you may have fun idea for a show that is fictional and entertaining. However, it has to have a good plot, dialogue, and decent acting or people will be tuning in only to mock and criticize you. Whatever area you are good at it, it must primarily be engaging or you will lose your audience in a heartbeat.

To help find your niche, explore what is already available on YouTube. For example, you may be considering some sort of video game series. View some of the popular ones and figure out what you could do to set yourself apart from the competition.

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Make Your Video Go Viral 7 RulesViral videos all have one thing in common. They all have a formula that is followed to be a success. Anyone that wants to be the next YouTube sensation should adhere to the seven rules of viral videos.

Hook Them at the Beginning

Consumers have to be engaged from the very beginning of the video or they are going to shut it off. The hook could be a drama, action, or engaging music. To get users’ attention quickly, if the budget allows for it, hire celebrities to be in the video. Each of these techniques can help keep the viewer glued to their computer screen.

Engage the User Emotionally

Once viewers are watching, it’s time to keep them engaged. Whether it’s through laughter or tears, the consumers should become emotionally involved in the video, otherwise they are going to become bored and turn off the video.

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Unsalted A Great Lakes Experience Move ReviewUnsalted: A Great Lakes Experience is a short movie about surfing on the Great Lakes. The movie opens with a chilling scene: actual video shot by the movie’s director, Vince Deur, taken in November 1990. On this fateful day, Deur went surfing on Lake Superior near Whitefish Point. While surfing, Deur was caught in a rip current. After nearly an hour of struggling, and near drowning, the current subsided and he was able to return to shore.

This experience led Deur to decide to create a film to about surfing on these northern lakes. The result is a 56-minute movie that shows not only recent footage of surfers but also stock footage of surfers from as far back as the early 1960s.

It took fifteen years and over 150 hours of film to come up with the footage presented in Unsalted. Deur used both professionals and armatures in his film and has shown the world that real surfing can take place in a lake.

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golf is an awesome gameI really dislike a lot of sports video games. To me, it seems silly to sit down, pick up a controller and start a video game rather than get up and actually play a sport when the urge takes a person. However, there are some games which are so boring and not at all interactive that, well, they might as well be played from the comfort of home. One of the best examples of this that I can think of is golf. Golf is one of the few major sports in the world where people take turns shooting rather than playing against each other at the same time, like on offensive and defensive sides such as you see in football or basketball.

Because of this lack of interactivity, golf is actually the perfect sport for a video game if you ask me. You don’t really miss any of the experience of golfing by doing it with a controller rather than with a club. Sure, you don’t take physical swings, but that’s practically the only thing you miss when playing golfing video games rather than actually golfing. Since the game is turn-based to begin with, you lose nothing by taking a shot, then watching and waiting while your opponent does the same, only to end up waiting while you shoot again.

Golfing Games

However, just like basketball, baseball and any other sport that’s ever been made into a video game before, having an understanding of the real sport before you try the game can make you better at said game. Mostly this has to do with learning ground rules for the sport in question, as well as what certain facts, figures and numbers mean in regards to a given sport. Likewise, playing games related to a sport can actually make a person better at that sport in some ways too. With that in mind, if you’re trying to get better at golf games, you might consider visiting Golfoid.

I still hate sports games in general though. They’re basically just putting the same players on the same teams into the same games, updating some pertinent statistics, and then these companies charge consumer full price for a “brand new” game which is pretty much the same exact game they’ve been playing for the last five years. When I see stuff like this, “gullible” is the only word that comes to mind. Still, there are some sports which do well as video games, like golf. For more information on that, click here.

If you like sports games, don’t let me get you down. You don’t have to agree with everything I say, you know? I’m just putting this out there before I get a bunch of nasty emails or messages about hating video games, or hating sports, or both. If you feel like sports games are the best thing to happen to video gaming in the last 30 years, by all means, feel free to espouse that view. You’re not going to get any argument here.

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On using your imagination to listen to action-packed audio thrillersNine times out of ten, folks are just too darned tired to bother. Or it’s that time of the month again and they miss out on the latest block-buster thriller’s untimely release on the silver screen. Because it helps to keep you stimulated and take you away from reality even for just an hour, most of you have had pleasurable experiences with books. Here we are talking about the printed and published versions.

Because it’s a great and enjoyable way to escape from reality and enter into another world of escapism, most of us are not ashamed to admit that we enjoy the thrill of dramatic car chases and even scenes of graphic violence.

Important reminder on keeping safe

In light of all the recent tragedies over in the USA – something we’ve mentioned in an earlier post last year – do yourself a favor as early as this year. If you are a newly licensed carrier of a firearm, make sure that you’ve gone and bought yourself a proper gun safe to keep both you and your family safe at night.

Now that we’ve imparted upon you this salient reminder, let’s get on with having some fun with our audio books. In doing that we’d also like to point out just how worthy these files are for blind folks who cannot read or watch movies like we do. Also, it’s worth pointing out that not only are their Braille books frightfully expensive, they are ingeniously cumbersome and hardly practical to carry about with them.

Not so audio books and, this applies to us too, even if audio books were beyond their pockets, there’s still the local municipal library. On our last visit to our library, we could not help noticing just how many audio books are stacked and squeezed onto the shelves.

Spare a thought for the elderly

Much like their printed peers, it seems to us that these books which we are always promoting are victims of neglect. We have to wonder why so many people haven’t yet caught on. Here’s another thought on its inherent usefulness before closing off on using our collective and wild imaginations through the medium of rock-solid audio books. We mentioned the blind folks. Now it’s the turn of the elderly and frail, bless their hearts, who are now forced to end their remaining years in homes where others must take care of them.

Some of these old folks are just too weak, ill or tired to get out of bed in the morning. Can you imagine just how much of a thrill they would get out of listening to old Alfred Hitchcock or James Bond ‘movies’?

These folks would be the first to tell you just how much of the old days this would remind them when all they had were their old radiograms. On that nostalgic note, take advantage of these books. We’d prefer it if you let your imagination run wild and loose just like those cars you are likely to hear over the tape.

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Whether films seems to realistic that you could feel yourself being in the scene portrayed, or they’re so goofy you couldn’t imagine anyone enduring what you’re seeing on the screen, most movies tend to be composed of sets. These sets make filming cheaper than doing the recording on location in many cases, and leaps and bounds in computer animation technology have lead to some new and interesting ways to create artificial sets. But whether the sets are real or illusory, they’re probably loaded with props, and that’s what I want to talk about today. Props can be a big part of any video after all.

To be fair, I did mention digital sets. You could make props digitally too, and then you wouldn’t need to make physical props. But you would need animators, model builders and other people to create those digital props, whereas physical props require only someone with a working knowledge of tools and maybe a bit of carpentry experience. It also helps to know how to mix and work with paints, especially since so much stuff is made from paper mache and plaster. These materials are heavy but cheap, and they take a painting job much better than many more expensive materials.

The single most useful tool for cutting up materials for use in making props is probably the reciprocating saw. These handheld things can tear through all kinds of materials with ease, and they’re very mobile so they can make many different cuts that a normal saw could never manage. You can see some for yourself at if you’re really interested. They’re nothing like the big, circular saws with the huge blades that look like something right out of a slasher film. But they are still dangerous, so care should be exercised while using these tools.

Now that you know what the best general tool is for people making props for physical sets, you’re probably wondering what the best reciprocating saw of the bunch is. Well, Jason Saw Reviews is good for a lot more than just pictures of the tools. The site is loaded with information about different makes, models and manufacturers of reciprocating saws, including reviews from people who have bought and tried the products themselves. It’s a nice resource for anyone seeking powerful, versatile handheld tools, and even if you’re not in the business of making movies you might still take a look.

Building props for a set takes a lot of time and work, but there is one saving grace in all of it. Because the props will in most cases never be used again beyond filming for a period of days, they don’t exactly need to be built to last. Cheap materials and labor aren’t necessarily a bad thing when producing props for movies, TV shows, Internet series and other media. In fact, they’re a nice way to cut down on the overall cost of producing a broadcast. There are more resources available too if you’re looking for tips and techniques on building your own props – just do a quick search and you’ll be on your way.

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lotrStories are the medium through which one can often relate to things one tries to reach out to quite desperately. These usually act as the platform through which one can connect to one’s desires which are generally not fulfilled. They try to connect you to the stars up all the way in the sky, where you can never reach either out of your limitations of the scope and opportunity or due to the fact that they just can’t be done for good in the real world.

Movies play a really good part as a story teller. It is a fantastic medium to express the different modes and options of different people through the lens of the cameras. It expresses the story in a way far better than any medium available because here you can see, hear and eventually feel the expressions of the people in the narrative and use your judgment to come to conclusion, because after all expression has a lot to do in the way of conveying what one wants to convey.

This medium of mass coverage has thus many-a-times taken the help of literature to pick up stories to tell. Well, if you can take it the other way round, it is much safer to say that there are certain literary pieces that need to be told on screen due to the magnificent story. After all, cinema is a grand medium which has a very wide and diverse mass appeal because for one reason it tells the story in a short and concise form to the convenient for many, and also for the grand scale that one can put his or her story to escalate the magnitude of the story to the pleasure of the audience.

While talking about literature on screen there are a few names that instantly comes to our minds. For instance, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy is one such example. The Lord of the Rings by J. J. Tolkien was a hit in an instant after it released. The book was one of the largest selling and the trilogy was said to sell more than 150 million copies. But when a movie on the book was announced not everyone was happy because it was after all about 50 years since the publishing of the book. But when the movie released, it swept everyone by storm to become a franchise in itself. It cleared all speculations and swept the box office like some vacuum sealer, the likes of which you can read more here. The movie also launched the prequel of this story by the same author, The Hobbit. The Hobbit was also a clear winner at the box office.

If one is talking about books that were made into movie series and ultimately turned into a franchise then who can forget the Harry Potter series. It is said that J. K. Rowling was turned down by a number of publishers who thought that her writing and the story about an orphan in a fantasy magical world fighting with a dark Lord who must not be named, was seriously a flop project to get involved in. But when the book released it turned into a cult and surely it can be said that the publishers were scratching their hairs out. When the series was made into movies they were equally successful and made the careers of the leading characters on screen.

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Video Solutions to Enhance Driving SafetyDriving safety is one of the main challenges for automotive designers. No matter how advanced the electronic systems of modern cars are, the death and injury rates due to car accidents throughout the US are still quite high.

One of the newest innovative techniques used to improve driving safety is the usage of in-vehicle video systems which record any dangerous events as they happen on the road. The system associates captured footage with the driver’s behavior to provide information which can be used to understand how external and behavioral factors influence every particular driving situation. The analysis of the data received by means of video surveillance provides the chance to have a deeper insight into the main reasons of risky driving and helps with developing strategies for similar situations in the future.

In-vehicle video systems provide evidence backgrounds which can protect drivers and transport businesses from fraudulent claims in case of a road accident caused by third parties or other external factors. The data received allows incidents to be investigated quickly and saves time by enabling details of the accident to be sent to insurers as fast as possible.

The video systems also allow many fleet-operating businesses to receive an online stream obtained by means of mobile data connectivity. This helps to check the real time situations and make fast safety decisions. All driving events such as braking, acceleration, speeding, corner handling, and lane changing are stored for further reference.

External videos are an effective means of receiving information which may help improve the driver’s safety as well. The highways and urban roads of many cities are densely equipped with surveillance cameras which provide the footage for further analysis. As a result, the civil engineers can offer more effective solutions for enhancing traffic situations and improving the drivers’ safety.

High-speed cameras are widely used during crash tests. With more than 18,000 frames per second, the cameras provide an accurate slow-motion video showing the slightest details of the first milliseconds right after the car crash.

Slow-motion video cameras help scientists identify the key reasons for passengers’ injuries and car damage, allowing them to develop improvements for the occupants’ safety such as safety belt mechanisms, knee airbags, side curtains, headrests, and car safety seats for children. The latter is an absolute must if you have kids with you while driving. At Car Seat Experts, you can find the best convertible car seats for 2015 to keep your toddlers safe and comfortable while driving or you can go here to find information about booster seats if your kids are already out of the toddler age.

Today, many car manufacturers showcase video systems that can read road signs and radars which spot pedestrians to reduce the chance of collisions. These innovative cameras are able to spot an obstacle within 200ft in front of the vehicle. In case of danger, the system provides the driver with audio and visual warnings. And if the situation gets worse, some gentle break pressure is applied to warn the driver. Finally, if the driver doesn’t respond to the warning at all, the system will automatically brake hard to avoid an obstacle.

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movie-918655_1280Over the past few years, independent films have captured the hearts of viewers and critics. Many of these independent films have even made it to the mainstream, raking up unimaginable profits for its unassuming producers.

The viewer’s appreciation for fresh stories has definitely encouraged the production of more independent films. Video-sharing sites such as YouTube have also emerged as a great platform where amateur filmmakers can showcase their craft.

In fact, anyone can now produce their own movie. You can make your own movie about any random stories or stuff. Perhaps, you can shoot a movie about how you discovered woodworking as a fun hobby. On the opening scenes you can shoot how you clumsily used a belt sander (like the ones found at Belt Sander World) for the first time. Watching someone get rattled for the first time but still be able to create a masterpiece is an interesting plot.

With just a camcorder or cellphone at hand, you might just shoot the best short film ever. But before you start shooting, you might want to know how these two powerful audio-video recording tools compare:

  1. Portability: Cellphones are very portable. You can take it with you anywhere you go. In contrast, a camera is a separate device that you need to tag along with you when you want to shoot.
  2. Image quality: Mobile phones have obviously smaller, less powerful image qualities. They result in less quality image as compared to camcorders. In contrast, camcorders can shoot vivid images.
  3. Sound: Camcorders are equipped with powerful microphone that can capture audio much more cleaner. Latest models of mobile phones have built-in microphones but are inferior when compared to the camcorder.
  4. Mobile uploading: One feature that camcorders don’t have, cellphones allow you to directly publish your raw or edited shoots to video sharing sites.
  5. Zoom: Camcorders are capable of optical zoom which lets you get a clearer and closer view of an image or scene. Meanwhile, cellphones will result in pixilated images when you zoom in.Indie Moviemakers’ Guide: Camcorders vs. Cellphone Videos
  6. Viewing: Cellphones and camcorders both have user-friendly viewfinder. Mobile phone apps can help you catalogue your shoots, making it a lot easier for you to use and find scenes later on.
  7. Controls: Usually, camcorders feature manual buttons that give you better control of how you shoot the scenes. The ‘focus’ button, for example, enables you to control how the scene looks. It also comes with a zoom control which makes zooming in or out smoother. On the other hand, mobile phones will usually have the controls on the screen itself. You will have to use the on-screen controls for zooming in, focusing or using other features.

Camcorders and mobile phones can be perfect for different situations and shoots. For example, a mobile phone will serve you well in capturing sudden, unplanned scenes and events. Meanwhile, the camcorder is best for shooting staged scenes. As with the example above, you can use the camcorder to shoot more vivid, close-up video of how ultra-fast the Makita belter sander slides through a hardwood.

Finally, get better results by combining these two gadgets. It’ll certainly make your movies the worth watching!


Movies that defined careersThere are a lot of stars in the Beverly Hills’ walkway but in Hollywood we too find many a good actor among them. The virtues that make a good actor are one of the defining aspects that make a really good movie. Stars may draw many audience in a packed theatres but they leave really too because the movie cannot turn out as good as excepted. But not all good actors or actresses make good movies all the time. They too make mistakes. Well are all mortals at the end.

So here we are presenting to you a list of actors who have taken our hearts by the wink of their eye in their performances which defined their entire career for good and for bad as well. These actors have been sometimes just some other person for us but after watching their performance they were the rulers of our hearts, the dwellers of our minds and also we have some actors who swept of hearts and dwelled in our minds but after some performance in some truly career defining movie which were so terrible the we had no option but to kick them out, at least for the time being.

Let us begin with Tom Hanks. The man we loved both on the small as well as big screen showed us he is a treasure box of acting talent and had a potential to be great and rightfully famous actor and a star, his role in the movie Philadelphia which also walked him through his first Oscar.

Robert De NiroRobert De Niro in Taxi Driver was just breath taking. He was a fancy to watch and could easily still be in awe for a few moments after watching his brilliant performance in the movie even today.

Sylvester Stallone made to the film industry not only as an actor but also as a writer, and director. He even is a producer as well. An accident at birth left the lower left part of his face paralyzed which gave him his signature expressions of snarling and a little bit of a slurred speech. But when walked the aisle as Rocky Balboa in the famous movie Rocky every opponent of his was like a punching bag you can find by clicking here. He took the trophies home as well as our hearts.

Anthony Hopkins has always been one of the most respected actors in the movie industry. But with the Oscar winning movie The Silence of the Lambs the veteran actor changed everything for him as well as the audience.

These were all the good times for the actors where they made milestones of their careers. But it was not honky dory for all. Some had a tough time and faced extinction after a really bad movie character choice. And to explain it there is no better example but that of Sean Connery and his role in the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

Sean has been a love of many lives with his Scottish accent and Bond movies. Then at the need of his career he instead of putting a cherry in the cake in put a League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, which was disaster not only for him, but also put a stop on the career of the director as well as on the careers many of the co-stars. Sean himself took retirement after it.

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Nature - The greatest of all musiciansWhat is one of the most recognizable and widely used symbolisms for morning? The answer is chirping of the birds. Isn’t it right? How can you best define a night in an audio? The call of an owl or some sound made by any other animal! The sound of crickets defines silence better than nothing else. Nature is filled with its remarkable sounds and that makes it the best musician of all times.

Nature has its own orchestra. It produces so many kinds of fine music that inspires us all. Be you a lover of nature or a tree hugger or just someone aloof of all the aspects of it, a loner ignorant, but the one thing that you can’t ignore is the nature itself. It is the inspiration behind many artists, poets and authors. Nature is actually the one thing that inspires all of us in its own simple yet elegant way. There is no way you can ignore rate and just pass by. Apart from all nature tunes itself with the beauty and the serenity of its music and plays it all along t us, without our opinion. It is not at all relevant whether we want to be a part of the audience or not, nature will play its music in full glory, all aloud.

Every morning when we wake up apart from our extremely disgusting alarm clock crying its heart out without any shame, we wake up to the sweet chirping of the birds. The cocking of cocks is the nature’s alarm clock. Every morning with the rising sun it goes out to give its call to the world and let the world know that a new day has begun.

We are ignorant and that is why we can neither listen to nor acknowledge the beautiful music that play is being played all along around us. It is bound with our lives very firmly, like some nail being hammered to it. You know, those nail framing guns used by carpenters to firmly join two pieces of wood so that they never fall apart. You can read more here about them. It is more likely like them. The music of nature is indispensable and can never be separated easily from our lives. And the one, who claims to have done so, separated him or her from the music of nature, is surely in a true sense not in a healthy state of mind.

Nature has its music in the rustling of leaves, in the dipping dew drops, in the drizzling of rain and so on. Poets through the ages have taken this for inspiration for creating those wonderful poems and filling them with the drama where this music of nature has acted as the perfect prop. Musician has been creating music being inspired from the music of nature as they bring emotions to life. Authors when writing their pieces have taken the help of the music of the nature to give us the perfect feeling of love as well as fear, and that is why nature is regarded as the perfect and the greatest of all musicians.

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I can only think of a few right now but dozens of films have been made where venomous hot rods and cool two-wheelers, as supporting actors, nearly upstaged their leading stars. Two well-known stars have already been mentioned in earlier posts on movies you should see before you die. There’s another big star worth mentioning. And mainly because the movies they played in skip one or two generations, these legends, two dead, the other still alive, may not be too familiar to everyone. As always, I’ll briefly explain my impressions. Whether it was before your time or not, makes no difference; one icon, motorcycle or not, just doesn’t seem to fade.

From Cruise to Cage to Cool  

Today, Tom Cruise remains the kingmaker’s favorite where heroes are concerned. Never bored and always hungry for more work, the Cruise continues to churn out movies every year. Over a career spanning four decades, there’s one movie that stands out. Cruise is the Top Gun in this show. Surely no-one has forgotten his motorcycle coasting to Berlin’s Take Your Breath Away. Top Gun is billed as one of the most popular romantic movies of the last few decades, in spite of all the action sequences.

Most of us have seen the typical road movie at least once before. But if you’ve not yet seen Easy Rider, hire it or download it. Starring Jack Nicholson and Peter Fonda, this road movie is an institution. Years later, Fonda had a villainous part as the Devil in Ghost Rider where his evil threatened to usurp the fading lead actor, Nicolas Cage. Thankfully, Cage’s burning wheels saved the night. One of the epic war movies from the past was called The Great Escape. One of the stars of that dated war epic was the man movie pundits have universally described as the essence of cool.

Two dead icons

There’s a famous scene in which Steve McQueen makes one attempt after another to launch his classic two-wheeler over a seemingly insurmountable wall until, of course he succeeds. Now, Mr. Cool has something in common with this next icon that I’m going to close this post with. I’ll explain the coincidence later. I never saw much of this actor because his movies were made way, way back in the fifties. But just about every girl my age or younger has at some stage of her young adult life had a poster of this icon on her wall.

His quirky personality and unusual features became synonymous with the rebellious streak we’ve all had at some stage during our youth. He’s also been pictured on a classic motorcycle on a number of occasions, cigarette dangling from the side of his jaw. Now, what did Steve McQueen and James Dean have in common then? Well, both actors died in the prime of their lives in horrific car crashes. Driving sports cars, neither of them was wearing helmets. Neither was Cruise, Cage or Nicholson.


Motorcyclist Life reminds readers to wear a helmet and not try to be heroes. After all its real life we’re playing with and we’re only watching movies.

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Why do they Ban itFrom the very inception of cinema there have been instances when the world has been deprived of the screening of movies that are not to the liking of the one who rules the land. Some countries like Germany, Norway, Finland, Iceland, New Zealand and Australia are prolific banners of movies, for example, the censors in these countries just seem to hate all violent horror movies full stop.

For a very long time the censors of the world have been tough on Western cinema. They banned 39 films and they were successfully impeached under the obscenity laws. The hysteria of banning movies has been in vogue for long and since they did not have internet in those days, the press was the only way of expressing their expressions. But the press did a lot not to stop but to fuel the hysteria. And what makes them even so realistic is their brilliant lighting. You can know more about it at This ban what was basically nothing but a bunch of  shoddily made horror films with great lighting was a cultural phenomenon, however, the most acclaimed, both critically and by the audience as well, have faced exclusion from censors around the world.

Not just the horror cinemas were on the receiving end of the scissors of the censors. Films could be banned for containing things that ranged from blasphemy to simple depicting and discussing matter that other countries find objectionable. Examples are plenty to support the statement. Let us look into a few that faced a thorough ban in spite having an impact full story.

All Quiet on the Western Front is one for example. It is regarded as one of the best films that revolves around the story of World War One. It is also considered as one of the top anti-war films. All Quiet on the Western Front is themed on Erich Maria Remarque’s novel. It was banned in France, Germany and Italy. With the emergence of Nazis to the supreme front, the film was banned all throughout 1930s and 1940s.

Another example is The Exorcist, which was banned for so many years. The realistic look for any good cinema is for its lights which one can check out here. The Exorcist was taken to be profanity in most countries around the globe and there are sayings that when The Exorcist came into the cinema theaters, people ended throwing up, running, walking out and screaming from the cinemas. This lead to an immediate ban!

Movies that were censored and considered unsuitable for the people to view became more popular among them and thus gained all attention of the people. They now search them over on the internet and there are several sites where you would get such information about these films and many more in a more elaborate way. In its descriptions and portrayal these movies just wanted to uphold the real within the movies.

Freedom of expression is not free and movies like these have paid the price!

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